That’s A Wrap


Our last day of camp has been a wonderful day! We started off with the shorter sports sessions again this morning. After lunch we had free time where most of the campers decided to swim in the lake. The campers were all having such a great time in the lake that we decided to skip English and crafts today and give them more time to swim. Swimming in the lake quickly led to a homemade slip n slide which was also great fun.

We took a group picture of all the campers, counselors, and our team before dinner. Everyone wore their tie dye t-shirts they made yesterday during craft time. The photographer had us all looking straight into the sun when he took the picture, so it’s doubtful that anyone’s eyes will be open!

For dinner tonight we decided to give the campers a treat and our team ordered pizza for everyone. We had quite a surprise when the pizzas were bigger than any pizza we had ever seen in our lives. We were also misguided into ordering 21 pizzas when 9 or 10 would have fed the entire camp. So it looks like we’ll be having pizza for breakfast!

We’ll have our last worship service tonight and then tomorrow morning the camp will wrap up and the campers will head home. This will most likely be the last blog post for this year so, thank you all for reading and keeping us in your prayers! It’s been a great year at Ostroda camp!

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