Free with God


Day 6: 

The theme for camp today was God wants you to be Free!! and the scripture to go along with this was Luke 4:18. Tonight was the most important night spiritually of camp. We were lucky enough to have a fun Polish Christian band come and lead our worship service. Everyone was really feeling God’s presence during the worship songs. There was lots of clapping, dancing, and jumping all night. One of the members of the band is a hip hop artist and performed several rap songs. Lots of the boy campers really enjoyed those songs.IMG_1697

After the music, we had a very powerful message given by our worship leader, Sergiusz. He talked about how even though we may have literal freedom, that doesn’t mean we are free with God. We need to be free from everything holding us back from our relationship and walk with Christ. After his message he invited anyone who wasn’t feeling the freedom of God to come up and pray to receive that freedom. Almost all of the campers came up and we had a time of prayer and thanksgiving. It was such an amazing experience to see so many young people give their lives to God.


The worship service was definitely the highlight of camp today, but we also had a great time during the sports sessions. We stuck with the shorter sessions again this morning since it was the hottest day we’ve had yet.

After sports we started our annual soccer tournament led by Jeff Rush. All of the participants played really hard and the spectators had a great time watching and cheering. Tomorrow the teams will compete in the semi finals and I will report back with a winning team.

We ended the night with a secret McDonalds run for the counselors and Americans and we are all happy campers with our milkshakes and cheeseburgers.

On a completely unrelated note, we discovered today that Dave Shuping, Mike Dingman and Chrissy Wetzler will never turn down a fresh cup of coffee. However, Dave should never be allowed to make the coffee because, in his own words, “it’s not weak.”

Tomorrow will be the last day of camp and we’re all shocked at how quickly the week went by. It’s been another great year at Ostroda Camp and we’re so thankful for all the prayers and support our Pender Family has provided! We send lots of love back home  from Poland!


One thought on “Free with God

  1. Mary Wetzler

    Thanks for all the blog posts. I’ve enjoyed reading them. Continuing to pray for you all and that God is doing at the camp this year.

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