It’s America Night!


Day 5:

We started day 5 at camp with a thorough devotion provided by Dave Cacner. He cited many sources from the Bible and the rest of the team has nominated him to receive a Ph.D in resourcing upon arrival in the States. Our camp theme for the day was “you have a calling!” and the scripture to go along with the theme was John 15:16.

Wednesdays are traditionally our “rest” day at camp, so today we had much shorter sports sessions. We did two sessions that lasted one hour each and we found everyone, including us, enjoyed the shorter sessions since today was the hottest day we’ve had yet.

After sports ended around noon, the American team all headed into town for a few hours. We walked around, took pictures at the lake, and enjoyed a pizza lunch at a local restaurant. Zbigniew, Lidia, and Ben were kind enough to invite us to their home and we headed over there after town. We enjoyed a relaxing afternoon of ice cream and coffee and wonderful conversation.

This evening we had our annual bridge competition. The campers split into groups and built bridges out of popsicle sticks the other day in crafts. Today they set their bridges up across two tables and stacked books on top until the bridges fell or broke. The winning team was a group of four girls. Their bridge held 15 books!

Our team led the evening worship service tonight and it was quickly deemed “America Night.” Mr. Dingman provided the message and focused on the song “Voice of Truth” and related the lyrics of the song to what it means to be a Christian. The rest of the team contributed to the service by leading four worship songs. The songs we chose were Days of Elijah, Lord I Lift Your Name on High, You Are Holy (Prince of Peace), and Blessed Be Your Name. Before we started each song, one of the youth would read a short description explaining the meaning of the song. All in all America Night went very well!

The Ping Pong tournament finals were held tonight after service. One of the boys in the finals, Matthew was also in the finals last year at camp. However, he was not victorious this year. A camper named Martin won the tournament and it was a very close match. Matthew gave a touching speech after the match and told us that he had never been in the finals of anything before this camp, and even though he didn’t win, everybody cheering and clapping was one of his happiest memories. It was a great moment for all of us!

Another highlight of today was the introduction of the grenade game. This game consists of all of the Polish counselors, and for some odd reason Phillip Helms, having one imaginary grenade. At any point in time they can “throw” a grenade by simply yelling grenade really loudly. Everybody then has to drop face down to the ground. The last person to drop to the ground is immediately thrown in the lake. The only rules are that no grenades can be thrown during meal time or worship and that the loser is allowed to take their electronics out of their pockets before they’re thrown in. I will keep you all posted on any grenades that are thrown.

Photos from today:


“Where does this bench go??”


Ping Pong Champion, Martin!


Ping Pong runner up, Matthew


Team photo!


Team photo + Filip


Selfie time

One thought on “It’s America Night!

  1. O'Brien

    We miss being with you all it looks like so much fun say hello to all the campers that we are missing we will be there next year

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