What’s Up?


Day 4:

Our day started out a little dicey due to everyone except the Americans being told that breakfast was moved to 8:30 rather than 8:00 this morning. The team walked into the dining room and was quite confused when no one else showed up. The situation was quickly remedied by everyone bringing bowls of cereal to our meeting area upstairs and having our morning devotion before breakfast instead of after as we do most mornings. While on the topic of food, I think I should share that we had bright pink beet soup for lunch and it was absolutely delicious.

The camp theme for today is “Who is God?” and the scripture to go along with it is Psalm 34:8 and Psalm 100:5. Our devotion today was given by Jeff Rush and he did a great job of helping us start our day focused on God and our purpose for being here at camp.

Sports session resumed as usual today and we had two sessions, both about 2 hours long. The campers were able to choose which two sports they wanted to participate in today. The baseball crew had to live up to Mr. Shuping’s favorite quote today which is “we’re nothing if we’re not flexible.” They arrived at the baseball field near the campsite today and opened their eyes from the opening prayer to see an older, shirtless Polish man standing there staring at them. He greeted them with “what’s up?” and proceeded to inform them that the field was being cultivated and could not be used today. They came back to the campsite and attempted to play wiffle ball on the field at the campsite and “what’s up” quickly became our joke of the day. Tennis had a big group today and they did a lot of work on their different strokes. Everyone looked like they were having a great time! Basketball focused on passing today and played actual 5 on 5 games for the first time. There was a small controversy over International vs. United States rules on when a person/ball is considered out of bounds, but ref Chrissy took control of the situation.

Before our evening worship service tonight everyone participated in line dancing to songs like cotton eyed joe and YMCA. It got a little silly!

At the moment everyone is outside playing soccer and volleyball or downstairs playing ping pong. Somehow we all have some extra energy to burn off before lights out!

One thought on “What’s Up?

  1. Lisa B

    Thank you for the updates. I sure miss being there but feel like I am there with reading about your days. Enjoy your time with the campers. They learn a lot from you all.

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