Can’t Rain On Our Parade


Day 3: Delayed post due to internet problems

The theme for today was “The Problem with Separation” and focused on the verses Genesis 3:23-24. Our morning devotion was given by Charlie and discussed not only the verses of the day, but also the need to share our hope with others.

Since it was raining last night and most of the morning we switched up our daily schedule and had the English workshop and crafts this morning. In English we played a game called “would you rather.” In this game Mrs. Shuping would read two statements such as “would you rather go to the doctor or go to the dentist” and the campers had to pick a side to stand on to go along with the statement they agreed with. During crafts the campers made bracelets with beads and surprisingly the boys lasted longer in the craft room than the girls.

After lunch when it had stopped raining we walked to the school near the campsite and used the gym and field there for our sports sessions. We were only able to play basketball and baseball given the weather conditions. In basketball we worked on shooting and played a lot of knock out, which the campers always love. The campers had a lot of fun in baseball and are really improving on their hitting and catching.

After sports were over the campers and American youth had a chance to go kayaking in the lake. It was an afternoon filled with lots of splashing and laughing. A good time was had by all.

Shortly after our much needed break and delicious dinner we had our evening worship service. We were fortunate enough to have two skits performed during the service. The first was performed by Philip Helms and several Polish youth and depicted the story of the Garden of Eden. The second was performed by Hannah Cacner and Iva Shuping and focused on sin and how God is saddened by our sin no matter how big or small the sin may be.

Now we are having quiet time before we all head to bed so we will be well rested for another busy day of sports and activities.

Filip says hi.


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