Who are you?


Day 2 

Our theme for Day 2 of camp was “Who are you?” and Tanja started our morning off with a great devotion focusing on John 1:12. She asked us to think about how we are all a unique and special piece of the puzzle that makes up the Body of Christ. This devotion tied in with our craft for the day which was for everyone to decorate a giant puzzle piece. Later tonight we will put all of the pieces together to form a giant puzzle with all of the unique and special designs by the campers.

Today the campers received an introduction to all four sports: tennis, basketball, baseball and football.  Dave Shuping led baseball and Charlie Hanak assisted.  In baseball the progression from throwing the ball, to catching the ball, to fielding grounders and pop flies was so rapid that we immediately transitioned to a full scale game.   Charlie says, “That the Pender outfield was so worn out by the line drives that he had to take a nap while the campers went swimming.”

Mike Dingman led football.  Mike covered throwing, catching and kicking the ball. They also played games and ran a few plays.  Dave Cacner, Gabrielle Bryda, Hannah Cacner, Iva Shuping and Chris Helms assisted with both football and baseball.

Laurie Cacner led tennis with an introduction to the game, forehand and backhand drills. Tanja Helms, Laura Shuping, Hannah Cacner assisted.  Many of the campers played tennis last year and mastered these stokes very quickly.

Jeff Rush led basketball with Chrissy Wetzler and Phillip Helms  assisting.  He started with many games to learn how to dribble correctly, such as packman, knockout and freeze tag.

English was led by Laura Shuping and was assisted by many team members and Polish counselors.  They started with reading the days scripture (John 1:12) in English and then in Polish.  A Polish camper read it in English and Gabrielle Bryda read it in Polish with assistance from the campers.  The Polish youth love hearing the American’s try to read Polish.  It is not easy.  Then the campers played a skittles ice breaker game to learn everyone’s names and something about who they were. Then everyone played a game called head bandz.

Crafts was led by Tanya Helms with assistance from many team members.  The campers decorated pencil pouches and the puzzle pieces turned out awesome!  The puzzle was put together and will be hung in the cafeteria for everyone to enjoy.

Post by Laura Shuping

One thought on “Who are you?

  1. Mary Wetzler

    Thanks for the wonderful posts and all the details about the camp. It’s so encouraging to read about what’s going on there. Praying for a wonderful week and outpouring of the Holy Spirit on all who are there.

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