A Bold Day


Day 1

We started our morning with a devotion led by our team leader, Mike Dingman. He shared that we should be practicing boldness throughout the camp this week – specifically in being bold while talking to the campers about our faith. The scriptures we focused on were Psalm 138:3, Proverbs 28:1, and Acts 4:29. So join us in being as bold as lions in sharing your faith this week!

Our visit to Gdansk gave us a relaxing day filled with lots of sight seeing and shopping. One of the highlights included watching a little Polish girl feeding the pigeons bird seed, and then our own Philip feeling the need to join in. He was quickly attacked by the herd of wild pigeons.We finished our visit with a team lunch of delicious pierogis – a Polish tradition!

By the time we arrived back to the campsite, lots of campers had already arrived! We had an opening get together led by one of the Polish worship leaders, Sergis. His main message to the campers was that everyone has a place in this camp and everyone is here for a reason. After his message we gave demonstrations of the four sports we’ll be teaching – basketball, tennis, baseball and football. Later in the evening we played a few ice breaker games to get the campers loosened up and feeling more comfortable. One of the games we played required the campers (and American youth) to break up into 4 relay lines, one at a time they would run to the other side of the field, put their head on a baseball bat that was also touching the ground, spin around five times, and then run back to their team. The games definitely broke the ice for everyone!

Now we’re all having some quiet time and resting for the start of the sports sessions tomorrow!

A few photo highlights from today:


It’s all about the angle!


View of Gdansk from a ferris wheel


Philip: King of the Pigeons


The team at our pierogi lunch (minus Chrissy taking the picture)

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