We made it!!


We are happy to report all fourteen of us have made it safely through a long night and day of traveling adventures and have arrived at the camp! Some of our traveling highlights were playing the “umbrella game” and “black magic” on the bus ride from the airport in Warsaw to the camp in Ostroda, as well as Charlie’s seat cushion sliding right off his seat as the driver quickly hit the breaks, and our traditional stop at KFC halfway to the camp where Hannah locked herself in the bathroom. We are now unpacking, playing ping pong, chatting, connecting to wifi and impatiently awaiting dinner. I think it’s safe to say it will be a very early night for everyone. Tomorrow morning we will head to the city of Gdansk to do some sight seeing and by the time we return to the camp the campers will have started arriving! Thank you for all of the prayers for our safe travels and we ask for continued prayers of safety for everyone this week. We’re so excited to see what God has in store for the camp this year!!

4 thoughts on “We made it!!

  1. Ben Wetzler

    We here at home are very happy the team made it safely and are waiting to here more about this years series of adventures.

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